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Close Sourcing as Strategy

Today I felt really upset about something that I shouldn’t have to be. I needed to add a tool to an open-source project I’m working on, and after some searching on the web, I found one that I could…

Exceptions are Part of the Interface

I think I’ve known this for a long time now but it’s only today that I’ve fully articulated this by myself. A lot of smarter people have talked about this before but it’s only today that I’ve put t…

Refactoring Nitrolinks, Part 1: Creating a Gem

I am building Pondo as an experiment on how to build a functional, modern web application without necessarily using a large front-end framework (e.g. Angular, Ember, React). The idea is to mostly develop applications as one would within the usual semantics of the normal Request-Response cycle. If you’ve used Pjax, or Turbolinks then you’re familiar with this.

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Ideas & Execution

Ideas are cheap. That’s great. Expend just a few calories and after a while, we have a lot of them. Executing on them is harder.

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  • Diligence

    Diligence is a free and open-source, tree-based task management app that lets you breakdown tasks to actionable tasks lessening overwhelm and a focus view to keep you on track.

    Status: active

  • shfonts

    Command line tool to download fonts from third-party font hosting sites for self-hosting.

    Status: active

  • Printables

    Printable materials and worksheets for education.

    Status: active

  • Release Tools

    A collection of scripts to help with creating releases for publishing libraries, dart packages, and flutter projects.

    Status: active

Previous Projects

  • Okee!

    A YouTube-powered karaoke app for collaborative parties!

    Status: inactive

  • Nitrolinks

    A PJAX-like library for making website navigation fast and more like modern web apps.

    Status: inactive

  • Pondo

    An experiment in creating a mobile web application without using a big frontend framework like Angular, React, or Ember but performs and feels like a single page app.

    Status: inactive

  • Spogoto

    An attempt to make a stack-based programming language with gotos. It is heavily inspired by the Push 3.0 programming language, and its gopush implementation.

    Status: inactive

  • Asar Web Framework

    Asar Web Framework is an attempt to create a Resource-Oriented web framework in PHP. Asar was created mostly for educational purposes. Inspired by Solar Framework, Konstrukt, and Ruby on Rails.

    Status: completed

  • Silly: The Silly Little CLI Tool

    Silly is a PHP-based tool for quickly creating commandline scripts. Silly makes it easy for you to write your script by simply writing a PHP class definition. It's that easy!

    Status: completed

  • Anodoc

    Anodoc is a lightweight doc comment/block parser written in PHP.

    Status: completed