Ideas are cheap. That’s great. Expend just a few calories and after a while, we have a lot of them. Executing on them is harder.

I have, well… ideas. Quite a lot of them have been recorded but not a lot have been built.

I have tried building things in the past but none of them were ever completed or felt finished. I hope to change that and that’s where this site comes in. With this site, I hope to track my progress in taking some of these ideas to reality and to also document my thoughts along the way.

This site itself is an idea I had years ago that never quite got the time it needed and most importantly the pragmatism it deserved. I intended it to be feature-rich like an actual project tracking site. Eventually all that complexity made it difficult for me to even get started. Because of it, I built a less than half-baked version out of frustration.

I hope to approach things differently now and hopefully a lot more ideas can become reality. There are things that I still need to work on like being more pragmatic or deciding when a project is done. These are skills I hope to learn along the way with more experience.

Here’s to making things happen!